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Dec 6, 2007
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I'm getting ready to purchase a new gas grill. There a a couple that I like but I have a question. Does anyone know how an infrared rotisserie works as opposed to a flame one? Which works better? Help!!
We bought a new gas grill a couple of years ago with all the bells and whistles. It has the infrared for rotisserie - never use it. It has an infrared side for fast searing - never use it. Matter of fact, next time I buy a gas grill, it will be one of the cheaper ones. This high dollars masterpiece grill is rusting just like a cheap one, doesn't cook any better than a cheap one, and is going to burn out just like a cheaper one.

Doesn't matter what kind of gas grill we buy, they're shot out in just a few years anyway. I also own a $40.00 cheap charcoal grill that will cook a steak better than any gas grill that you can buy.

Gas is fast and convenient and I use it often for chicken, vegetables, and for the final bbq finish on ribs, but when breaking out those steaks, they go on charcoal.

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