grease fittings and safety plastic

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Jan 10, 2005
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A friend of mine took his pocket knife and cut a bigger circle around those plastic safety things on his bush hog pto shafts. Sure makes it easier to access the grease fittings.
While I see the point, I dislike some of these features. They can make servicing equipment difficult. I've cut some of mine open too and it does help.
I hate those things, makes service a nightmare . Got a couple with little windows, but they don't stay on, and like you fellers a couple have been cut on with a dull knife by an fat angry midddle aged farmer with grease all over everything .

How about that dang metal guard that sits over the PTO shaft on some of the newer tractors. I probably shouldn't say this but I take that thing off as soon as it gets to the shop. I mean its right in the way. You can't see to put the shaft on - especially if its got one of those plastic guards on it. Now I fear and respect the PTO so don't get me wrong but some of this stuff is ridiculus. I have a simple rule. If the PTO is running I better not catch anyone including myself past the rear tire. No ifs ands or buts. I've seen what it can do and its serious business but it ain't gonna reach out 4 feet and getcha. JMO
That thing is aggravating. I got a coathanger that I use to hold one of mine up while I attach pto shafts.
I use a hole saw to enlarge mine. It almost looks like the factory was smart when they built them.

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