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Feb 22, 2017
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Hello and thank you in advance! We purchased grazon for our yard, horse, and cow pastures. We are targeting creeping indigo as well as thistle. We will be applying the product with a tow behind fimco sprayer. Looking to find out dosage/application recommendations. The Simco is a 60 gallon tank and sprays 3.8 gallons per minute at 45 psi. I've read that the dosage is 34 oz per 100 gallons (for the most potent level). So I am wondering how much I add to 60 gallons and what speed I should drive when spraying?
Figure out how wide you are spraying. Decide how fast you want to drive. Measure out a a acre, half acre, quarter acre whatever. I prefer a straight line. Put water only in sprayer spray that measured area. Look how much water you used. That is your rate. Figure it up to a acre if you used less than. Read label for rate per acre. Just add water and maintain speed.
There are several websites that can help you although littetom pretty much spelled it out for you. Try searching for 128th acre sprayer calibration. Easy steps and has it all laid out on how to calibrate your sprayer which is the important part. You can then do the math on the amount of Grazon to add to your 60 gallon tank. I use a 1 qt to 100 gallons which is a little less than the 34 oz per 100 gallons but always had good luck with this ratio. You could use 1 pint to 50 gallons which should be the same ratio as 1 qt to 100 gallons. Or continue breaking down the ration of ounces to gallons and you could find exact amount for your 60 gallon tank. Good luck.
Dow recommends 1 pint per 50 gallons with a pint of surfactant added. I use Grazon at the label strength with the surfactant and have had great success. IMHO using it at the higher rates is just overkill and added expense. :deadhorse: