Gravely vs hustler vs bad boy need help deciding

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Ky cowboy

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Apr 30, 2015
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Western kentucky
Trying to pick a new mower looking to spend around $4k- $5k. We have local dealers for cub gravely and bad boy but I'm trying to pick one to many choices. I had a cub rzt for 4 years and the hydrastat pumps went out and not worth fixing. So gotta do a little shopping. Amy suggestions/experiences with any of these would be great. Thanks
We had a couple of customers who had a Bad-Boy, they loved them.

Personally, we have an X-Mark and wouldn't trade it! We had a Huskee for years, before that a Sears.

My brother has X-Mark walk-behinds (older ones like the Buntons) and loves them. Where I used to work, all the mowers they had were also X-Mark and 1 Kubota.

(I am referring to commercial mowers)
I'll be mowing around 1.5 acres at home and couple on lease farm and around our barn. Don't want the junk pressed decks with the cheap pumps. Dealer prices me hustler sd 60 in for $4200 and a gravely 52 in. For $4300. He said he preferred the gravely, I haven't gone and looked at them yet been busy. Thought about going to the farm mach. show and maybe get a deal on one but don't know if it's be worth the time , it's only hour and half up there but I gotta work nights
I have a ex mark and hustler . If I were to buy a new one it would be a bad boy .. my friend has one that will cut circles around both of mine.
Dixie Chopper... Gravely... Hustler...

Have used them all, but when we were deciding on which mower line to carry at the Feed Store, it was hands down Dixie Chopper. They have had some minor issues in the past, but with Textron being their parent company now, they have really developed a nice product that they stand behind.
Dixie chopper is out of my price range. I'm leaning towards hustler sd 60 inch cut he told me he could give it to me for $4200 0percent for 4 years.
I've got a Hustler with a 50-52" deck, can't remember which, and an 18hp Honda motor. Heavy built machine but it's underpowered if you let the grass get too tall. Overall I like it, though it vibrates pretty bad. Gave $1500 for it at a farm auction a few years back.
I have a 54" Hustler FastTrak and would not trade it for anything except maybe a Scag. The mower deck has a life time warranty against wear our, rust out and leading edge damage - hard to beat. Engine is a 22 hp Kawasaki. We've had this mower for ten years but it seems like we paid a lot more than $4200 for it. CF, we had a problem with vibration on ours as well - once. Turned out to be one bad blade. SIL had a bad blade on hers too.
Thanks, I pulled the blades a year or so ago to sharpen them and thought they looked pretty rough. Only thing I've done to this one is a couple of the plastic pulleys on the main drive belt and a set of belts, along with a pair of coils that some dumb*ss (me) fried with a battery charger. Note that if you use a charger on one while the battery wires are hooked up, it needs to be 15 amps or less.
I have a 48 in. Bad Boy. Love it! Ive had it for 6 years and I keep about 2 acres around my house mowed. Other that the bearing in 1 belt pulley going out ive had no trouble and it cuts clean and even and as fast as you can drive it
I have a 60" Hustler that I have abused for 4 years, even turned it over in the lake! It is unbreakable. I have changed blades and oil a couple of deck wheels and that is it. I use this machine on a lake property and it gets a lot of use. John Deere Diesel didn't come close to doing the job the Hustler is doing.
Finally decided and went and picked up a new Dixie chopper magnum 60inch with the Kawasaki motor hopefully get to try it out in the next few days. It was last year's model I think I got a good deal at $5100. Hopefully it runs for a while by far the most I've ever spent on a mower but tired of them only lastilasting a few years.
I guess they're all pretty good. Just depends on how long you expect one to last. My little Toro is 7 years old best I remember with no problems. BIL has a Cub Cadet that's 10 with no problems and he mows about 4 acres every week. I think there's more to it than just the name.