Graham school for cattlemen

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Jan 25, 2007
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I'm considering attending this school (I think in Garnett Ks.) just to improve my knowledge and ad to my resume. Anyone ever attended and what do you think?
I went in1989 and again in 1998. They have a lifetime warrenty. You can go back for refreshers on differ subjects. When i went the class started at 730 am and on some nights it would be 9 o'clock before the end of class. When i went old man Graham was alive and he believe you were there to learn and you did. He sent 2 young guys home for not paying attention during class. Very good school and i would recomend it to anyone that is wanting learn about cattle. Hope you get to go.
I went in 2004 or 2005 and I fully intend to go back again some day and drag the hubby along (and yes that's probably the right word "drag" as he's a farm boy that never leaves Perry County, MO. ) I'll be able to go at no cost and we'll only have to pay for his. I'm hoping in 2010 or 2011 and if we go during the winter then farm work has slowed down.

I loved it. There were a bunch there from the stock yards, amish dairy farmers and beef farms, a well rounded group. They showed how to put the ropes around a cow to lay her down or pick her up and that I had never seen before. Also how to start an IV on a cow............ it was all very interesting as well as learning how to preg check and AI.

I think Milkmaid was planning to go, don't know if she has yet or not.
Hubby went back in about 1971. Loved it. Had previously attended Kabsu at K-State. Said Graham School was much better - more in depth. Didn't know he could go again for free. Of course, trip out there would be pretty costly :lol2: since we live in NY now. At the time, we lived real close in Kansas.
I read their website. Are there any deciding factors in who they take into the school or is it if you pay you attend no matter what your experience level?
I did go last year - liked it - would have liked to spend a bit more time inside a cow (ie all day, as opposed to just afternoons :p), but otherwise it was great.

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