Grafting a calf

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I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I had a cow loose a calf that was about 3 mths old. I am bottle feeding a calf that is about the same age and would like to graft it on the cow. So far I can put the cow in the chute and she takes the calf really well, but won't have anything to do with it in the corral. Do you think I can get her to take it or any suggestions to what I can do? I also tried having a dog in the pen with her and the calf and she didn't care at all about the dog around the calf. Thanks for you help in advanced!!
If the calf nurses readily when offered the cow, leave them isolated in a pen together for a minamum of 72 hours, she may seem to be rough, but this is their way of teaching the calf who is in charge and establishing a chain of command,

if within that period you don't see that she is taking the calf, she may not, but I have never had one that that didn't work on, the udder gets sore when it is over full, and the calf gets persistant when it gets hungry, it works best both both parties and they work out their differences

Best of Luck