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Barbeque snobs are the same as wine snobs... or any other snobs that want to sound special because they think they can be special by putting other people down.

Life is about cultivating enjoyment and those that limit their tastes rather than broaden them are poorer for it.
Regional pride in a largely regional thing isn't snobbery, but you do you. Most southerners are going to tell you that real barbecue is in the south. If you don't like it, come fork you some real barbecue up and see or get used to the shite talk about it, because you ain't gonna change a thing 🤪

Honest, though, if you're ever out my way give me a shout, I know some damn good places to get some.
Looked up about Owensboro, KY barbecue history and found this on their tourism site. I've heard that they are the largest consumers of mutton in the country. Like someone said people are what they had available and years ago sheep were plentiful in KY. In the eastern part of the state hear it's not known for bbq, people have traditionally ate a lot of pork and country ham ( salt cured ) is this regions claim to fame.
The Owensboro barbeque does use a vinegar base for sauce but it has other ingredients too that add a different flavor. The meat it's self is plenty good enough to eat without the added sauce. but the sauce does add to it I think.
But anyways this what I found for western KY and specifically the city of Owensboro.


In 1860, the Daviess County agricultural records show 11,000 sheep compared to 6,750 beef cattle. If barbecue was in order, it would naturally be mutton since it was much more plentiful than beef. Although the Catholic picnics have been a part of our heritage for many years, the first documented barbecue was held by Reverend Reuben Cottrell, a Southern Baptist, in 1834. Political gatherings and community celebrations included barbecues as far back as 1844 and have continued to this day.


Barbecued mutton and burgoo are the two foods that distinguish Daviess County barbecue from other areas. Although pork, chicken, and beef are prepared, the preference of locals according to the barbecue restaurant owners is mutton (sheep) and burgoo (stew made from mutton, other meats and vegetables). Our region has developed a unique style of pit barbecue featuring vinegar-based sauces mopped over the meat during its lengthy smoking process. The result of this process is a delicious, tangy, and very tender meat.
"The origins of American barbecue date back to colonial times, with the first recorded mention in 1672[7] and George Washington mentions attending a "barbicue" in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1769. As the country expanded westwards along the Gulf of Mexico and north along the Mississippi River, barbecue went with it.[1]

A slab of barbecued pork ribs
Pulled pork, baked beans and mac & cheese from Peg Leg Porker in Nashville, TN
Pulled pork, baked beans and mac & cheese
The core region for barbecue is the southeastern region of the United States, an area bordered on the west by Texas and Oklahoma, on the north by Missouri, Kentucky, and Virginia, on the south by the Gulf of Mexico and Central Florida, and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

While barbecue is found outside of this region, the 14 core barbecue states contain 70 of the top 100 barbecue restaurants, and most top barbecue restaurants outside the region have their roots there.[1]

Barbecue in its current form came from the South, where cooks learned to slow-roast tough cuts of meat over fire pits to make them tender."
One of the most revered pit bosses in Texas is a little shriveled old lady. Invite her to Dickey's and you might end up in the pit.
Yes, I understand, Texans are not nice people. Even a friendly invitation can be met with bodily harm.
The mean little witch you speak of is an example of why I blame the grandparents for the state of our society today.
Yes, I understand, Texans are not nice people. Even a friendly invitation can be met with bodily harm.
The mean little witch you speak of is an example of why I blame the grandparents for the state of our society today.
Oh, that's fair, you being so kindly yourself.

Well enough, at least it missed by enough that you didn't even feel it in your hair.
Not really... at all. The cathouse in Ely was filthy and worn, like old tennis shoes held together with duct tape. Not an inspiring place at all, especially for any kind of "romantic" encounter. No girls in evidence. So I wasn't expecting much. But when one showed up she was gorgeous. Slinky evil that made Mortisha Adams look like a mud fence. Vampire pale, red lips, and black hair down to her waist. And an attitude to match. And the next girl to show up was the exact opposite. Golden light surrounded her. When she smiled the room glowed and you almost expected daffodils to sprout from the floor. And legs... all the way up to there. The guys I'd made the road trip with were too scared to walk through the door, waiting outside. They were honking the horn, three short and one much too long... so I picked my tongue up off the floor and fled. Something I will never forget.
And they both told they loved you!!

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