Got to see them finally this afternoon

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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
Thursday they were having a "feeder special". I didn't feel like sitting through 2,000 head to wait for the bred cows. So I left an order with a friend. He called about 8:30 to tell me he got 9 bought for me. Only one that is listed as broken mouth. The rest are spread or solid mouth cows. Nice big framey cows in decent shape but not fat. All 6 or 7 months bred. They averaged slightly over 1,300 pounds. The smallest is 1,220 pounds. Paid $1,241 average. B hauled them home for me today. It wasmixed rain and the freeway was closed yesterday so they spent 2 nights and what worked out to over 48 hours at the sale. All I have to do is send a check to the sale yard. This is working out for me.

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