got the maze planted

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Nov 2, 2006
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Well we got the maze, popcorn, and Indian corn planted today. I'll start the punkins on Monday probably, weather permitting. 75 kinds of punkins, gourds, squash this year. I'll put in tomatoes and peppers, too sometime.
planting it isn't so hard. We plant both ways, like a checkerboard. In a few weeks when it's about 6" tall, then we cut the maze itself, that takes longer. Our maze is only 3+ acres, fairly small by most standards, but I don't think people really want to spend a whole afternoon out in the corn, just a little while. We also don't do a "picture", I figure you can tell on the ground anyway. Yeah it looks cool from the air but whatever.
Thanks , what design are you doing this year ? I was going to ask you to post a pic but I guess that is out.. :lol2:

How exactly do you cut to get your design, sorry I am stupid when it comes to this but I think they are very neat..

Here is one from a couple years ago. Last year we did it all curvy, harder to go through that way. We use a lawnmower. Have to go over it a few times til the growing point is out.
That is neat. How do you decide the design. Do you draw up a scale map on paper then put it on the ground or what?
We have done it that way, last year we just started driving around! :eek: (When the corn is small you can see pretty good)

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