Got some big teats!!!!!!!!!!

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Sep 2, 2007
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Liberty, KY
I have a cow that has 2 big teats, one is unbeleivable!! I know i need to ship her but I'd like to let her raise this calf. Its 2weeks old and looks great but the cow seems to be laying around more than the others. I didnt know exactly what to give her and my supply on hand was scarce. I gave her Chlor50? I think its chloracetracycline. ITs pitch dark here now, but what should I do tommorow? She is an Angus approx 6-7 years old. Been a great cow and I only had the Chlor50 in a crumble feed. How much should I have given her? I couldnt make out the instructions on the bag and I had didnt have enough light left to get her up and give Duramycin my only other antibiotic on hand.
what would you do? One is huge about the size of a baseball. It looks alittle red and I thought it might be infected. Its too big for the calf to suck and so is the other one. The calf is getting one front and one rear and is doing okay.
3rdgeneration farmer":1x3tbfzk said:
what would you do?
Before I started giving antibiotics willy milly I would get a temperature on her. No temp no antibiotic
Thats good advice. If no temp, then what? If we have a high temp, then what? She has routinely made trips to stand in water just deep enough to cover her udders today.
Did you try to drain the big teats? If so how did the milk look. Sometimes if you drain them a couple of times the calf will take hold and keep them down.
3rdgeneration farmer":2iimznze said:
Thats good advice. If no temp, then what? If we have a high temp, then what? She has routinely made trips to stand in water just deep enough to cover her udders today.
Is her udder overly hot, hard? If your weather is hot she just may not be handling the heat as well as others. You're now married to that cow for a while, at least until the with holding period on what you've given her. (If not married at least shacked up).
High temp give one of the serious antibiotics and don;t diddle around wiuth the OTC stuff. In most cases it's cheaper to give the good stuff since you don;t have to use as much for a series.
I didnt realize Chlor50 had a withdrawl period, but then again I never use it. It just happened to be in front of me. Im not gonna ship her anyway for a long while. Ive now learned that its for Foot
If she only has edema in her bag, you could give her lasix, an edema medicine, would help to bring the swelling down, now if those 2 quarters are hot, and clumpy milk/clear fluid coming out, thats a whole other story.

I am not trying to jump on you or anything. I am just very curious about something. Why in the world would you give something that you don't use or know what the dosage should be or even what it's for? You would have been better off to just milk her out some and waited until you had a better idea what you were dealing with. JMHO. Good luck with the cow. Ron
Every cow Ive ever had with foot rot went to the water to stand, so therefore first impression was foot rot. I proceeded to give her Chlor 50 crumbles (its for footrot) but I didnt know thats about all its for. Anyhow, she ate it with feed out of a cup in my hand and then I realized her teat was red. I now think maybe she might have stepped on it when she got up, its so big.
Red Bull Breeder":21l8aug0 said:
Milk it down to size. Then the calf can suck it.

just for emphasis thats what i would do. The calf will keep it sucked. Live and learn I guess.

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