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Dec 26, 2003
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Rescued a coupple of goats and wondered if I could deworm with Ivermec, cattle pour on?? One is very preg. the other is open.
Thanks cindy
You must be in the rescue business.,I use on it my Bordie Collie once a month for heart worms . I wouldn't think it would hurt . My neighbor has some goats he worms them just like the cows.
Hi Not really I just live in an area where the animals tend to be smarter than the people!! I can't leave an animal to starve or live in a bad situation.I am not rich or anything like that. Just a softie for animals. Ther Gods creatures, And I just try to help!!
Thanks Cindy
No it won't hurt, just use very little. Doesn't take a whole lot. I use horse dewormers & Cydectin a cattle pour on. Once a year you can use a delicer on them too. It keeps them healthy. Oh and the most important thing about goats trim their hooves regularly. If not you'll have some problems. If she is too far in I would wait till she has her kid/kids and dewormer her a couple weeks after.
Ellie May
Nice to hear people getting more & more into goats!
Hi Ellie Mae. where you been?
Daddy make you get off of this site for a while?
Ellie May":1ldich3w said:
Nah, just figured I'd quite while I was ahead...if that's what that saying is. Well How you doin' haven't talked to ya in a while??
Ellie May
I'm doing OK.
Ellie May":3k23aeor said:
When you say Bush, do you mean our president??
Ellie May

I just received information that you were seen at a Reg. Angus Sale

Did you buy anything?
Oh..... :lol:
Is the election for the new president going to be this year?
Ellie May
If so I want Bush, even though not many people in my family want him to win I do.

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