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This weekend I was watching TV and saw an ad for GMC trucks. It had a horse riding down the road with it's head out of the trailer and the faster the truck went the more the horse's head looked longer and it's mouth became more opened. The caption with the picture read"Now I know why dogs like this".I wonder? I Know GMC doesn't know anything about horses and I know they think they have a cute ad but I started to think if people really did do this and all the things that could happen to that horse with it's head out of a trailer window like that. Going that fast at 50 miles an hour a bug would feel like a baseball. And the way it shows the horse's nostrils if a small bug were to go into them what would it do? I talked to my wife about it and she told me about someone she knew was going around a curve coming from a ride in the mountains where a rock was sticking out. A car was coming from the other direction close to her side so she had to go close to the side of the hill where the rock was. Well, the horses had their heads out and she took all of their heads right off. Things happen with our horses when we do not think! This is why I do not think it is a good idea for GMC to be promoting such a thing to happen to horses. Has anyone else seen this and what are your thoughts on it?


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