glad to see the back of July

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Glad to see it gone too but for an average July it ended up pretty good. It rained 4 times for a total of 4.7 inches which ends up being 36% of this years total rainfall so far. Maybe it will continue into August.
It hasn't bothered to rain a drop here or at my old home(bout 20 miles apart) even tho there were green radar blobs all over both places-some were even yellow! :cry2: I've put an all day drip on the pecan tree here,too late for the ones I planted back there.
Rain and air conditioning. Sweet. :nod:

I believe it was back in June of 1993. Don't remember how many days it rained that month or how much but I had some hay on the ground that got wet (sprinkled, showered, outright rained on) 18 out of 23 days.

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