Girth Question

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I'd appreciate you all's knowledge to my question. I wish to buy my first girth for my western saddle. I plan to just do pleasure and trail riding, which type of girth is the better buy, neoprene or fleece. I sure would appreciate again anyone out there insight cause I'm lost.
Hi Clyde,
Sounds like you're getting ready to have fun. Personally, I prefer a felt backed girth (very absorbent and doesn't leave cinch galls) or a good thick "string" type girth.
Ask some of the "horsey" people in your area. I guess it's mostly a matter of personal preference.
Good luck and ride safely.
Hey Otistee,
I'm wondering about those Neoprene girths. I've heard pretty stellar reviews from folks that cut, rein, etc., but I've always been curious about the use of them for ranch work (you know, when you put a 8 hr+ day on your horse), do you find that they allow the heat to dissapate through the girth? (Which is why I use felt - they absorb and wick away the heat and moisture...agree with you on the fleece though).
I've heard that the neoprene are only ok for short work outs (1-2 hrs), and am just curious as to how much truth there is in that statement?
as above post, neoprene girths are not for a horse that is going to be saddled for long periods. most of the trail riders I saw using them last year aren't this year. fleece picks up burs and packs down but breathe almost as well as string girths. I know because I wore a saddle trimming trees (personal favorite is leather backed with nylon) :<)
I personaly perfer Porfessional Choice as I have put many hard hrs on them they retain there shape and are easy to clean.I went through alot of the others and and tried them out.I have found if they didn't gall the horse Bees and stickers got stuck in them and the rodeo was on. comfort for horse is importaint too. Happy trails Cindy