Giddy !!!!!!!!!

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
I was out tonight and checked on my herd. I really took a few moments to look at my favorite GV bull calf that I posted a while ago. Holy schmoly, he is making me actually excited about what I can expect .I have regretted giving up dairy until tonight when I saw this guy and what chosen beef genetics can do..He is turning into a phenomenal bull at now 210 days..WOW..

For the first time ever from switching from dairy to beef ,and thinking that I am in way over my head, I can see my research and genetic selection coming into fruition. What a feeling it is ...I guess hard work is rewarded after all..

Pics to come after I get done with some personal stuff.
i knew you would be very happy with the way that bull calf turned out.thats why i told you to keep him an see what happens.

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