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Jan 16, 2006
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There are way to many questions in here about how and when to do things. I plan and do most things by the almanac. There's a time to plant root crops, above the ground crops but also a time to wean, and time to quit smoking all the way down to a time to dig fence post holes or cut your hair if you want to go that extreme.

Get yourself an almanac and plan your activities accordingly. Weaning is easier and you'll get better yields on your crops etc.
They were talking about the farmers almanac on the radio yesterday morning. Seems their weather forecasts are made two years in advance and are based on some formulas invented by the founder in the 1700's and to this date they can boast an 80% accuracy on their forecasts. Our meteorologist, even with her collard education, can't get it nearly this close.
I guess if you put much weight in astrology then doing things by the signs of the zodiac would make sense. I've never used it so have no opinion on it one way or the other. I usually do everything "per plans" unless something screws up the plans....(which is pretty common also). ;-) I did find this link about planting by the signs. ... signs.html
I don't know. I started planting a patch of oats Tuesday afternoon Sept 29 and stopped for the evening around 7:30. Started planting the next morning a little before 8 am. Sunday afternoon the oats planted on the 29th was coming up. It was Tuesday morning before the rest came up. At least a full day longer. Oddly enough I thought the 5 days was quick as I generally look for 6-7 days as being the norm. Someone will have to check to see if I caught a sign change.
dieselbeef":k9zi4tuj said:
wish i could do things when i sposed to..mostly i do it when i can...
That is the trade-off for a paycheck. After the paycheck all you can do is take care of it the first chance you get after the weather allowes it. Oh probably have to throw the wife and kids in their somewhere too. :nod:

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