gentamicin sulfate

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Has anyone used this on baby calves. I was told this would be more cost effective than nuflor when they were very sick. I didn't know if it is intramusclar or subcutameous. We have been using baytril 100 and banamene.( our vet likes that together) It works very good on most, but some just don't respond to that. We raise baby calves every year and have had very good luck so far. You really have to keep them out of a draft and keep their pens very clean. We like bolusing them a few days after we get them and starting them out of 5cc long acting pen. I have read alot from Kansas State university's web site and they have very helpful info.

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Gentamycin fries kidneys, especially if there is dehydration present. It can go intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenously. Ensure the animal is well hydrated. Banamine can bind toxins, makes the animal feel better, and if overused causes gastric ulcers.

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My heifer was on a round of gentamycin for navel ill. It worked when nothing else did. My vet gave the same warning as Vicki, keep them hydrated big time. Has anyon eever heard that once they have been on gentamycin that they can't be sold for beef or their milk used? I think I heard that I'll have to have her milk tested even though she is only a family cow and it will have been over 18 months since her treatment by the time she calves? If this is true, I'd caution using it, but if not, it was definitely worth its weight in gold when we used it. It saved a great calf.

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Frankly, depending on the country involved, it varies. Since it is NOT licenced for use in cattle the way it is used in most countries, it is used offlabel and the prescribing veterinarian is going by judgement and experience. I generally say for a couple of days of treatment, meat withdrawal of 6 months. (sometimes more) Milk--they have to be antibiotic free on the test. Some research says 12 weeks withdrawal, and I generally double that for food safety. Good point, I didn't think of that! (too tired I guess!!)