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Jun 12, 2012
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Many on here have asked about Live Ammo calves ( ... 58&lang=EN). We have had our first two this week, so I thought we would share our experience with him.
This first calf is out of a half blood Upgrade female that has had lots of calves for us. She was 273 days bred and had a 74.6 pound heifer calf. Her calf last year was 290 days. Seems to be a lively heifer, and going strong.

This one was born early this morning, and we assisted it some. His dam is a first calf heifer, she is a Fat Butt x Steel Force heifer our son showed last year. We were not expecting RED, but darn he is cute! He was 82.6 pounds, 282 days gestation.


And his dam:

He has been slow starting. He did not try to stand for 2 hours, and we really started getting worried. He took his first meal at about 5 hours old, after a lot of work on our part. I got some colostrum and tubbed him, just because I was concerned he was not going to get enough in him soon enough. I am happy to report today, after church, he had a good meal, with help, on his dam. He is very slow to figure things out, and thankfully she is a really good mom who just patiently sits there while we get him latched on a teat.
So, so far so good. Live Ammo is a Red Charlie carrier, that is why he can throw red calves (he is HOMO Black!). It is unique to the Lock N Load line as far as I know. We always like a good red, and he seems to be that deep cherry red so far, and I love that too! That is our last Live Ammo calves until September.