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: would like some more info. an this subject.<br>: thank you<p><br>I'm not sure what aspect of geneology you are interested in. I'll tell you what I have to offer and you can decide what you want to do with it. I started about 12 years ago, using a share ware program to track my family and it proved very successful. At some point, it occured to me that the same program would work for my cattle. I started a new file called "cattle". I now use it constantly. I had two calves born in the past two weeks and it took less than 2 minutes to enter them into the program and then immediately print out their ancestry to four years back. I can track it back much further but only four generations will fit on a printer page. There is space on the face page of each animal to list notes of special interest. There is also a biographical page where you can list as much background info as you want. From the face page, one click will show me all the bulls she has ever been mated to, or names/numbers and birthdays of all calves she has had, or move to the face page of her sire or dam. <p>The only way I know to get it to you is make a copy on a 3&1/2" floppy and mail it to you. I'll be glad to do it if you are interested. I made this offer to some one else on this board and I have never heard from him again. There are three possible reasons I can think of that he would refuse the offer. (1) It is a MS-DOS program. (2)He would have to send out his mailing address. (3)It is put out by the Mormons to promote geneology. I can understand a persons reluctance to any of these, but the program has been a great help to me. If you think you can use it, e-mail me and I will answer any questions I can. I may be able to answer questions that will put you more at ease. Waiting to hear from you,<p>Mack
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i like this guys post. You can download a PAF file off the church website and fill it in how you want shoot do on for you and one for your cattle. I was snooping around in the old pages and found this one.

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