Gelbvieh / Limousin cross

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How do you feel about a Gelbvieh / Limousin cross? What do you prefer as the sire? Why?
I think it would be a pretty good cross if you must use those Continenetal breeds. I would run Gelbvieh cows and a Limousin sire. Gelbviehs have a better temperament and more milk on average than Limos. Limos are better for low birthweights.
I used 3 Limo bulls on a 50 head of Simmental and Simbrah herd of cows and the offsprings are great, have a Limousin appearance. Heifers (almost 12 months old) have the muscularity of a male, I kept them all and are going to be bred by a Red SimmAngus bull. I keep the best 3 males and will use them with the Simmangus heifers. So your cross with Gelvieh should work almost the same due to that Simmies and Gelvs have very similar characteristics.

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