Gas and Diesel prices in Sulphur Springs Texas.

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Is there anywhere in the US that isn't?
There are better markets than this one, that's for sure. Most of them are just in places most people don't want to live. They're my kind of places. We're in talks (engaging on such topics with my wife requires an air of diplomacy) about hauling our ashes back my land in another state since it's there and it's paid for. We have access to land here, but we're having to get realistic about prices and lease prices, because we want to grow.
I sold decent pasture and hay fields last year for 2k an acre and was very happy. How do you make a profit on 10k an acre land
That's easy, you don't for 20 years or so lmao.

That said, here in Texas there's a lot of folks that are in the land business as much as they're in ag. Between the high fence ranches, oil, gas, hunting leases, timber and specialty timber markets, etc there's people with ten different hats worth of wheeling and dealing.

In truth, though, most of these land prices are from the transplant effect. Driving up property taxes too.
Virginia hasn't appreciated like the heartland most particularly Texas. Not sure why that is. Transplants? Crop guys burying profits in land purchases?

Kenny where exactly are you located?
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It's listed high but I don't see any moving, the signs stay put. I think the interest rates going up is a killer
There's 70 acres across the road from me that just went up for $4,700 an acre. It'll be interesting to see if they get it. There's no power or water and it's on a mud road. 12 years ago I paid $1,100 for 90 acres and people thought I was crazy, last year we paid $2,750 for a nice 60 acre place and people couldn't believe we got it for that price. There's also 100 acres of good farm ground down the road for $3,800 an acre.
I bought in Delta county in 2016 for $1900/ac with highway frontage. You can't find anything for under $5000-$7000 today. So yes, you can still turn a profit, barely, if you bought 6 or more years ago, but the real money is in the appreciation. I just keep the cows for fun, the ag exemption, and the tax write off.

High rates and drought should force some of the prices down, but not by much. Since covid, a lot of people have relocated away from the DFW metroplex into little towns like Commerce and telecommute to work. It's next to impossible to buy a house in DFW for under 400K?

@Lucky we may be neighbors.
Gas dropped 3 cents more here to $4.64. This is after months at $4.77 But diesel took a big drop from $5.86 to $4.94 in the last couple days. Just a couple weeks ago diesel in Ontario was $6.11. From here 25 miles west gas is $4.64. 50 miles east gas was $3.97 last week. Either way those are the two closest fuel stops.