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Jan 10, 2005
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I am having trouble with kids? partying at one of my pastures. I find cigarette butts and beer bottles everywhere. I have been wanting to order a game camera for deer and turkey pictures and was wondering if anyone has used one to catch trespassers?
It's a great idea until the flash goes off. If anyone should pick up on the fact that it was a camera, it will be history. It would be put to better use getting pics of MistyMorning riding her "pony" around ice patches. :nod:

Any way you can lock them out?
sit out there on friday nights or night its suspected of happening or drive past and check on them. Catch them in the act adn call the cops or else get a lot of fireworks and scare them off some how. There arent many god solutions cause laws protect tresspasers in some states. If a tresspasser gets hurt on your land and you know that people are tresspassing you can be held responsible if they get injured. Post signs and put up gates, become good friends with local law enforcement. Take pictures of the party sights. always take someone with you as an alliby.
bear":2pemlf02 said:
The better game cameras use infrared emitters to illuminate the target, not a flash.

They're great except they have a limited range that the IR works.
dun":21xr73xl said:
bear":21xr73xl said:
The better game cameras use infrared emitters to illuminate the target, not a flash.

They're great except they have a limited range that the IR works.

Yea, my cameras give good pictures to about 40 feet. Occasionally get good pictures a little further depending on conditions.
I was tolerating them until last week when they shot a hole in my gate. Could of hit my tractor or my cattle. I probably should contact the sheriff. I just have a feeling busting up teenager's partying will not be on top of his list of things to do.
I understand about the sherriff not wanting to act but I would contact him anyway because then you have tried to get him to do something if he doesn't want to do anything you might try your local game warden I get more response on trespassing from him than I do the sherriff and he will write tickets for tresspassing where the old sherriff around here all he wanted to do was stop all the young girls ( he is no longer the sherriff)

When i took over this place it was known for roadhunters but since I have been living here that has stopped because if I here a car go down the road I get up and drive down the road in the middle of the night but I also liveon a deserted county road where the only thing down here is our farm and they don't have any business going up and down it in the middle of the night
Maybe you can put the game camera up and turn the flash off. If they have flash lights or headlights you will have some pictures. Atleast you can see when they are coming and possibly set up to catch them or give the sheriff a closer time period to when they are coming. :?
First how serious about this are you? The reason I asked is you piss these kids off things might get alot worse.If you are seriuos post the property heavily make sure anyone can see the signs.Contact law contact DNR let them know of problem and what has happened let them advice you on how to handle it.If you do use trailcams get the noflash and try to set it up where it will get pics of autos going on coming off property to get the make model color aand maybe even lic #.Good luck.
Do all reporting by e-mail. Date and time stamped with a CC: to yourself. If you get pictures, send them with your complaint. Pictures of the party site you can get the next day. Set-up the game cam where they are driving in and set it up to get the front license plate along with the windshield. No flash. They'll never know it was there.

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