Game 4

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Jun 21, 2007
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They won!! Their record is now 1w 3l.

I skipped posting about game 3. Here it is, they lost with a total of 13 points, daughter was high scorer with 8 points, and she played 2 quarters. It was a sad blowout. My daughters JV team consists of freshman except for 2 girls who are juniors. The town they played, played at the minimum 3 varsity players at all times. Much larger school, school district who has a much larger pool of girls playing much more experienced team whose been playing together for awhile. No excuses, we knew going in that's the way it would be.

OK. Onto game 4!

Daughter had 15 points, high scorer 1 - 3, and 6 - 2's, and she was never sent to the line. Her shooting percentage was way off... her 3 pointer she made was only 1 for 4. and that is not her usual game. I had to tell her after the game, to not force it if she is having an off night, but she is stubborn, which she needs to get over. She played 2 quarters and 2 minutes, and still came out with 15 points. 3 other girls really stepped up their games, 2 of the girls, I expect it from and they had GREAT scores also, and 1 girl I was actually VERY surprised with. Which is a good thing.

She was able to play 5 min's in the varsity game last night, she was SUPER nervous, but held her own, no points tho.

she is doing great on her bball games.your going to loose a game every now an then.

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