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kenny thomas

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Nov 16, 2008
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SW tip of Virginia
Looking for semen from TJ 57J The Gambler, ASA#2,044,500. Anyone got any they want rid of or know where I can get some. Surely someone wants this old stuff out of their tank :). PM me if you have.
We have semen on the Gambler, but it will not ever be for sale.


This bull is the best bull of The Gambler sons ---Use him--- two things though---

1. Sure Bet will not remove the white of the face if you use him on blazed face cows, (which I kind of like--anyway).

2. His MM EPD's are in the negative numbers, but we use him on cows that have too much milk to help balance out future progeny MM

Hope thihs was helpful....................
Funny thing, I looked at this bull in the sire summary today and considered him. How is the structure of his calves? Any chance of you selling a good bull calf when you use the Gambler semen?
Sure Bets calves have been good, but only had one bull calf out of him this year ---which is good for me. Gambler Bull calves end up at several bull test stations around the state and normally can be purchased around the 2000 mark. I dont have any gambler sons currently on test in 2009. I have many gambler daughters but none for sale at this time.

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