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My husband and I are interested in starting a ranch in southern Oregon with Galloways, so far the information I've found is just propaganda. Does anyone know of a good source (besides the Galloway association) for information on raising these? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Don't know if this is much dad raised these for a few years before he retired. He didn't treat/raise/feed them any differently than the cross-bred cattle he'd had before. Pasture in the summer & hay in the winter. That was it. He liked their 'look' & the attention they (he?!!) got. :D
It sounds that you aren't so sure about the Galloways yet. I'm not familiar with them myself, but I can tell you that many ranchers get bit trying to reinvent the wheel. There are several dominant breeds out there: Angus, Brangus, Hefords, Charlois, etc. The reason they have become the dominant breeds is because the best usually rises to the top.

Take a look and see how many people in your area raise what. There is a good chance that the old timers have done the performance research for you.

They are a good breed for colder areas. I would recommend the blacks over the whites or the belties. The belt on the belties will disappear if crossed with a black angus. The meat on them is leaner than most breeds and quite good. They finish best on grass and tend to get quite round if finished on grain. They have a quiet disposition and the crosses would pass for black angus in looks although they have a bit of an odd shaped head. They are a little smaller breed than average but we have developed a bit of a market for them for freezer beef because of their lean meat and smaller cut size. If you need any more specific info, please feel free to PM me with any specific questions.

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