Galloway solid cattle - white mismarkings

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Jun 27, 2004
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Can anyone help me to find the genetic studies (if any) that state what genes etc are responsible for white mismarking in solid Galloway Cattle. Can it be a recessive gene that occured in the 1800's with white belts and patches. Do both parents have to be carrying the gene and pass it on for the white mismarking to show?

Any help is greatly appreciated

THANKS :lol:
Are You talking about white markings on black galloways or black markings on white galloways? I would imagine it would be the same genes as what gives the shorthorns that multi-hue that many of them have. With my white galloways, the calves have always come white so far through three calvings. White gallowayxhereford gave me all white calves some with black markings, some with red markings. White gallowayxblack simm-angus gave me white calves, some with red markings, some with black markings. So I would say the white is a dominant color but the markings can change according to the bull. I don't have any black galloways with white markings and I've never seen one so if you have one that is unusual.

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