GalaRose Bulls 2009

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Mar 16, 2009
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Here are some of the bulls that we are growing on our place for you to look over and tell us what you think. 484 is a Predestined son out of a full sister to Boyd New Day 8005. 684 is a 1I2 son out of the same cow. 683 is a Predestined son out of a 004 daughter of Basin Lucy 178E.
484-DOB. 4/11/08, wt. 733 lbs, yw. 1285 lbs
683-DOB. 6/16/08, wt. 716 lbs, scan weight on 5/22/09 was 1040
684-DOB. 6/17/08, wt. 702 lbs, scan weight on 5/22/09 was 1016
I am waiting for the ultrasound results to come back for these animals and then I will know their final numbers. I have some beautiful full sisters to these bulls. I will try to post some pictures of these in the future. Please comment. Thank you for your time.

These are reasonably moderate-looking (phenotype) bulls from what can be seen on these pictures. The functional traits are difficult to ascertain because of the camera angles and abundance of forage. Inasmuch as the genetic intents or objectives are not in evidence from a potential buyers viewpoint, the ultimate decisions to be made are open-ended. Phenotypically speaking, they should all make excellent Terminal sires, and probably more than adequate herd-improvement sires for the average Registered Herd, depending on the Genetic blood lines involved.

As with ALL remarks relating to "What-do-you-think-of-this-bull(s)" type of questions, more specifics need to be itemized before a definitive answer can be given - from a buyers aspect.

they certainly havent missed a meal, which will probably make you more money on them than any other trait they have.

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