Fun- watching bull play with a calf

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Feb 24, 2005
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East TN
Owners have one of their bulls separated - kids started calling him Big Bob. He has a hurt back foot. He is in the pen right by our house. A first time mooma (Lady) and her 3 week bull calf are in there as well. They often put heifers they are not sure about in there to birth. I think they are leaving them in there to keep the bull company right now. Oh, and the bull calf is planned to remain so, I think they bought this heifer as bread so bringing in new blood. And yes the kids named the baby... little Joe LOL.


Yesterday morning I was looking out the window and noticed Big Bob laying out in the pasture and Little Joe was head butting him. Bob was pushing back some but it all looked gentle. Wish I had gotten a couple pictures.

Do all bulls do this?

Thought it was cute.
Yep. Pretty much all of them will play like that. That's the enjoyable part of having cattle.
I watched a large buck playing with a fawn the same way a few weeks ago.
Happens all the time. Dad playing with the boys. The bull can be so gentle towards the young ones during that time.

However - he is still a dangerous animal

Never forget that cute don't mean safe.
My bull just puts his head down and the calves try to but it. Their legs are all scrambling about, they try so hard and he just stands there with his head down for them. It is cute!
I've noticed bulls are always gentler with small calves than the cows are. Cows will broadside a calf if its in her way, where a bull will walk around it. Seen a 5 or 6 mo. bull calf trying to mount a cow that was in heat and the bull stuck his nose under calf's belly and raised him up about 6-7 feet in the air, held him there a few seconds and then sat him down as softly as could be. Calf decided he'd had enough fun for 1 day and just sauntered off as calm as could be. Thought it was kinda funny as even the other calves decided the grass was a little better further away from the bull.

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