Frozen feet

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Near the end of Feb we had a cold strip of weather go through (-55'C), really insane weather. Of course the cows had to start calving at this time, we lost one calf due to the cold weather and had another one get a touch of frost in his feet. The calf hasn't lost his feet, I'm assumming he won't now. But he is very tender on them, slow at moving. He is still on the cow, gets up and sucks her all the time. Right now we have the calf on banamine and Neuflor. I was just wondering what we should do about this calf? Some days he'll be fine and other days he'll need a hand to stand up. Would it be a good idea to put him down or through him out into a small paddock with his mother for the summer? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Please clarify... -55 deg. C.? How many degrees F.? Sounds extremely cold where you are... where are you? Probably should consult with your Vet.
I thinks that its 50 below F. I'm in canada, and yeah its cold. The weather did warm up, but yesterday a huge snow storm moved in and its still a blizzard outside today.

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