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wondering if anyone had any good remedies for helping ears on newborns we check cows about every three to four hours and getting them to the hot box but have had a couple that froze before we could get them in and warmed.

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Never tried this but it supposedly works. Wrap 3 inch wide masking tape around the head neck area flattening the ears to the neck. The warmth given off by the neck keeps the ears from freezing. You could also buy "moo muffs" which are commercially made ear muffs for calves. They work quite well but I remember reading one story where a person put a bright pink pair onto a new born. Returning 'junior' to his waiting mother in a pen outside the barn, she took one look at her strange calf and leaped over the fence to freedom.

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I don't remember the site, but know it was Canadian. They have a hood that they put on their calves which covers the poll, ears, and down around the muzzle below their eyes, but above their mouth. As was mentioned, by keeping the ears close to the head, there is no problem, and since mama is the one who CAUSES the problem with her incessant licking, she can lick to her heart's content, but the little ears stay warm and dry.

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