French snub us again

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Jan 19, 2004
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Northeast Montana
I just saw on TV where French president Chirac, who's in town for the G8 summit conference, refused to attend President Reagans funeral as a representative for the French.

I guess these people have forgot about D Day and who saved their butts. I guess they have forgot who tore down the Iron Curtain.
Heck, the only time the French have been happy with us was when we ran the Nazi's out of the Parisian coffee shops!

Ann B
Maybe when you're hands go up as often as theirs have it cuts off the blood to the brain and you forget.

I'm sick of hearing about all the forein baby's cryin and being suck arogant B****ds it really has bothered me lately. They forget whose saved their butts before until they suddenly need us for something and they come crawling back begging for a week then go back to their old antics.
There was small talk about boycotting french goods right after we got involved in Iraq.
I say lets Boycott everything they make to sell.
Starting with their Snobbish Wine.
This is the last straw. On a sidenote, I work for a French owned company with a few of them in high positions. They are in disbelief at the French attitude. I guess those that have been here for a time know what being an American really means. Their view is that the French have become arrogant and want to be considered a "superpower", but let's get real frenchies. Many of the population do not strongly believe the way Chirac does, but like many they just kind of follow what they hear and what they read. Exactly what the Germans did when the Nazi propoganda started. Personally I think it's about time George W bitch-slapped that Chirac character.
Due to our continuing abnormal weather and rain I spent this morning watching the Reagan funeral--It was a very moving and patriotic historical event. I was impressed by the eulogy given by former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Chirac refused to ride across town for the funeral--but Margaret Thatcher, who has had several strokes flew in to attend. Even Gorbachev was there.
To h*ll with the French and the rest of the world. I getting more for isolationism everyday. I say lets cut these leach's foreign aid off and protection. Lets see how they like that.

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