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I have one question what is the purpose that you are wanting to brand you horse? We had a mustang one time that we bought & had a freeze brand on her. They brand them to identify them. I personally think they are neat when you shave them off. But really look tacky & ugly after a while. I like to see horses without them. I think brands are neat too as long as they have a cool design.
Well hope this helped I don't know that much about them though.
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Ellie May

Primary reason is for identification. My brand is registered and if they are stolen, lost then i have a better chance of getting 'em back.

As a Brand Inspector I will give you one piece of advice-- Get someone with some experience help you before you try it. Montana recognizes a freeze brand on horses for ownership, but I have seen some major wrecks- Ugly brands that overlapped because the horse moved during application ( one covered the whole rear quarters)- some that only part of the brand showed up- some that after a year faded out.

If you really are looking at positive ID for your horse, look at a hotbrand.
To freeze brand, you only need to clip the area where the brand is going to be. The lighter the color the longer you need to hold the iron on. White I think needs to be held on for over a minute. After you clip the area wet it with rubbing alcohol.This helps to activate the liquid nitrogen. After a week or so the branded area will scab over. Take care not to move the iron around. Once it hits skin leave it there!
12 to 14 seconds is all you need to freeze brand a horse. All you want is to destroy the hair pigment leaving the hair. Any longer and there is too much tissue damage and destruction of hair follicles leaving the area just depigmented hairless skin which much later becomes susceptible to skin cancer from sunburn.
You need to tranquillise with xylazine etc so there is no jump or if a foal then cramp it up well so it does not move. Freezing is not very painful but a touchy horse will jump if you even poke it with a stick.
Personaly we like to brand our horses with a hot brand that way its quick and the horses forget about it within seconds and if you come from the country and do a lot of branding on cattle then its easy to do. But if you are not then you should get some one that is exsperianced to do it for you so that you do not smudge the brand because on horses it needs to look presentable and good.
We freeze Brand our horses and hot brand our cattle.

We like the freeze brand on the horse for it actually stands out better. We brand for two reasons. First is incase of theft. Second is for advertisement factor. People see the brand and know that it is from our outfit.

To learn to Freeze branding you should contact someone (like your brand inspector) to find out all the details for your state or province. Shave area and spray with isopropanol (rubbing alchol) to clean and prevent iron from sticking. Then hold iron on a certain amount of time.

To get the iron made is your most expensive item for it must be cold bent and not ever heated. Then look around in your area where you can get liquid nitrogen. Last item needed is a branding stove (container to put your iron and the liquid nitrogen to cool the iron.)

As I said before we like the freeze branding for our horses. On cattle we still hot brand for it is a lot faster process.

Here is our brand on two of the mares

Dr. Farrell invented the method & coding they use for freeze branding the mustangs etc. After he passed away his wife, Pat, started Kyro Kenetics. I know she sold the "business" many years ago so don't know if it is still registered with every state anymore or not. If the horse was registered it was given it's registration number. If not, a letter for the state followed by a number (code) on the crest of the neck. The horses were just held by a twitch with a towel over their eyes. All the horses we had (still have one old mare) were freeze branded. The white ones the iron stayed on long enough to kill the hair.

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Here are several links.
There is also a national registery for freeze brands. A registery rep will have to apply the brand, usually under the main like a mustang. Since brands are registered by state, or like texas, by county, checking for the orgin of a brand can be impossible. I have been trying to find out who owns the brand on my gelding for several years with no luck.

This is the one for the national registery.

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