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The signs of freemartinism are varied. Some ar obvious, a enlarged vulva that appears brisley like a bottole brush. The may have a blind vagina that can be detected by inserting a test tube and seeing how far it goes in. Some will appear ok from those aspects but not have a uterus, or not having ovarys. Some will cycle normally but not have adequate hormones to sustain a pregnancy. There are only two sure fire mehods of decting freemartins. Keep them long enough to breed and see if the calf, the other is a DNA bloodtest that you can have done through UC Davis. With the fee for the test, shipping the blood sample and having the blood drawn runs around 50 bucks total. Feeding her long enough to find out if she wiol calf is much more expensive. Try the vulva and vagina depth tests first. If the pass them, the DNA test would be my next choice. We had it done two years ago and ended up sending the heifer to the feedlot.


> Are there any ways to tell a
> freematin from her outward
> appearance? Thanks.

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