Freemartins...where'd that term come from?

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Nov 8, 2004
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Sounds like there could be a story behind that. :lol: Anyone know?
Don't know where the term came from but they make excellent "Markers" for cows in heat. We used to keep one in with the dairy cows for pinpointing cows in estrus.
I found this on Internet

(Les scientifiques utilisent le terme de free-martin (ou freemartin) issu vraisemblablement du dialecte écossais ferry = stérile et mart = animal impropre à la reproduction, ou animal destiné à la boucherie et vendu à la foire de la Saint Martin. )

I try to translate for you
The scientists use the term freemartin. This term come from scottish slang. ferry = sterile and mart = animal no good for breeding.

The two word togetter (ferry mart) became freemartin

They say it could be animal no good for breeding sold to the market the day of St-Martin .

Maybe there is others signification depend of the country.

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