Frank Feilder

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Feb 19, 2007
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southwest mississippi
read this joke the other day,hope it comes actross ok..
a guy hails a cab in a busy city. almost imediately a cab screeches to a stop and the guy jumps in..

"Gee, that was great, flagged one time and you stopped."

"Aw that aint nothing, Frank Feilder would have had a cab quicker than that, answered the cabby."

"This Frank Feilder must be a lucky feller"

"No, not lucky", replied the cabby, "He was just one hell of a man. He had the best job in the world, made plenty of money. He could fix anything, told the funniest jokes, could predict the market as much as a month ahead. I really don't think he ever made a mistake, a great man."

"Wow, where did you meet Frank Feilder?"

"Oh, I never met him, he's dead, I married his widow."

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