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D.R. Cattle

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Dec 26, 2003
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East Central Florida
Blow...Blow Seminole Wind...Blow like your never gonna blow again!!

We got hammered. We got a nasty squall at 4AM Saturday. From that point on she never gave us a break. By 3AM Sunday you couldn't hear yourself think. We were told we wouldn't experience the eye, but I'm far enough South in the county we got it anyway. Got confused and thought maybe it was over. 30 minutes later had to seek shelter again. 6AM heard a horrific cracking and groaning. Peeked out the front door and watched my barn blow by!!! By 10AM went back out against advice, attempted to check out in laws house. Took 3 hours by use of chainsaw and 4WD to get there. Usually takes 20 minutes. When I got to their hood..the neighbors stood in their doorway insisting we slow down. The wake from our truck was washing into the front doors of their homes. Millions of huge trees down, 100% power loss in my county. But were OK. "We can skin a buck and run a trotline." I've got my generator wired direct into my main panel, powering pretty much everything but the AC. Wouldn't you know it's been 90F with 90% humidity. Haven't found all my cattle yet, but saw some and made sure the fence was up. I guess they're still there. I'll have to do a more thorough check when the water subsides. I've seen some pretty wild stuff. I'll try and post some footage later. I'm using my parents PC as I'm out West and may be a while getting phones and power. From what I've seen, there will not be a Florida Citrus season. I'll be out unless we can work with Texas to supply our overseas customers. I provide logistical support so there may still be an opening for me. We're starting to get gasoline and diesel supplied a little more readily and the streets are starting to get cleared. Thanks for your concerns. It may seem small, but checking the boards starts to bring a bit of normalcy to my chaos. I was told earlier that the National Guard is leaving our area to evacuate the Keys bracing for Ivan the terrible. I hope it isn't true.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and fellow Floridians, D.R. Please stay safe! I know I'm a long ways from you, but if there is any help that I can give or send, please PM me.

Take care.
it's good to hear from you D.R........glad you made it through safely. i agree with Annie: let us know if there's anything we can do to help (other than hope that Ivan doesn't head your way as well?)
Good to hear you are safe and sound DR! You should come out West! We have plenty of sunshine and warm weather (with no humidity)! Yes I am spreading the Western hospitality to you and your family too. It does look like Ivan is on its way! Ivan has killed 20 people from Grenada already! Who next after Ivan??????? Crazy stuff happening this year.....
So glad you and your family made it through. Be careful during the clean up - I hate chainsaws used in a rush! Thoughts and prayers from Indiana are coming your way.

Glad you and your family are ok. I feel bad for all of the peoplr that lost everthing so far. I sure hope you have insurance for all of your damages. Does insurance pay for cows that are killed or lost and not found?

I hate to say it but it looks like you will get it again from Ivan.

Take Care and BE CAREFUL! :D
wow Ivan has destroyed 90 percent of the buildings in Grenada with its 160 MPH winds! Ivan will be reach Jamaica tomorrow and in Cuba by the weekend (call the family before Ivan hits!). By early next week should hit land...... WOW! I am in shock with these hurricanes! I can hear a country song a'comin' after all these hurricanes LOL! ... ane_ivan_6
greenpasture78":agz5em9w said:
Ivan will be reach Jamaica tomorrow and in Cuba by the weekend (call the family before Ivan hits!).

i sure as heck don't have family in Cuba or Jamaica
So sorry to hear your misfortune with the hurricanes! I agree with everyone previously.. this has been a very strange year for weather.

If we can help you out, please post! There are some great people on these boards, and I'm sure we're all willing to help if we can.
Thanks folks. Unless you can override Florida Power and Light, I don't think I need any help. Praise God I found out I still have a job. Hundreds of layoffs because our crops are on the ground, but I and a few others were retained. Thought I was going to be a full timer with cows sooner than I had hoped. Still don't have electricity but it's not the worst thing that ever happened. Actually, every day that goes by makes us realize we just didn't need it that bad anyway. Florida crops are ravaged, but I haven't heard any reports of widespread cattle losses yet. Mosqitoes are huge problem. Worst outbreak I've ever seen in my 35 years here. Soon you'll hear about dead horses and sick people in that regard. I'm feeling pretty bad for the folks in the Panhandle right now. Catch you guys later, hopefully I'll have power and phones soon and get back to contributing.

I am glad its no worse than it is. Glad to hear about the job. After Charley we were told that we could be w/o power for up to 6 weeks but was only w/o it for 13 days, so maybe it won't be too long. We had phone in about a week. Good luck!!!

Is there going to be any citrus crop this year?
Glad you are OK D.R. Hope you get power restored soon. Generators are great, but they are a pain.

We are taking the hurricane shutters off our house in the Yucatan today. Lucked out and didn't have much damage.

Now we have to sweat out Orange Beach. Our house is exactly on the Alabama Florida state line, just where Ivan is headed.

There isn't a double jeopardy law about hurricanes is there? :(
Good luck,'re gonna need it! I'm sure you & many others will be in alot of prayers for the next few days. Keep us posted!
Still no electricity or phone. I've spent the last two days in the field doing damage assessment on the grapefruit crop. The Indian River district has suffered about a 70% loss. This constitutes the bulk of the citrus crop. Finally got a full head count on all the cows, now I'm trying to sort out all the calves. If you think calves drop on a stormy night, you oughta see what happens when a hurricane blows through! MACON- get the heck out of dodge ASAP. Ivan is a killer. I have some folks in Seminole, Alabama that evacuated already. God be with you.
Well, we lucked out and dodged Ivan in the Yucatan without much damage. Not going to be so lucky in Orange Beach. We live on the little spit of land at the end of the arrow. At least we're still in Mexico.
Someone at work tonight told me there was another, third, hurricane following behind frances and ivan. Good luck to you folks there.