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Oct 20, 2008
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I know how to measure frame score and what it means-but does anyone know of a quick reference to convert the hip height measurement to the frame score for older animals? I have info for how to convert it for heifers and steers up to 2 but can't find any info for mature cows. thanks.
Kit Pharo lists them as follows, notice each FS equals 2 inches
redcowsrule33":2t9hdv50 said:
Most breed associations have their formulas posted on their websites. I like the general calculator on the Buelingo site.

Just like all of the other calculators I've seen it doesn;t work for mature cattle.

Error displayed "Frame Scores not valid for animals less than 5 months or greater than 21 months old."
LoveMoo11":2ajx4sec said:
but can't find any info for mature cows.

Sorry, my reading comprehension at this time of day is poor.... :help: Guess I'll have to hit the coffee first next time.

For mature cows/bulls I use ... 271web.pdf

After a certain age the change in hip height is small enough that frame score shouldn't change.

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