Foxy Lady - Guess Name

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Jogeephus":rlq3odyn said:
HerefordSire":rlq3odyn said:
tom4018":rlq3odyn said:

Correct Tom! Good. Now then, what is Ms. Pelosi noted for most?

Ummmm. Like Jeopardy. Ok. I'll play for $500. Who is the first retarded woman to be speaker of the house?

Excellent for $500.

...and what is she most noted for recently? DOUBLE JEOPARDY! Contratulations! Now please ask the question correctly while the pressure is on for $1,000.
show steer up":b1covieo said:
Holy Cow!!!!!!! :???:

I'm not sure :)
Yikes! Is correct :lol2:

Holy Cow is not her name. As you can already see, Nancy has been answered correctly. What is Nancy's middle name?

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