foundering? or floundering????

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We just bought two cows for 1100.00 three days ago and one is dead and the other one is on her last leg, just barely breathing. Had a vet here yesterday for both of them and he said to take all corn away from them, that they were basically "Drunk" on corn. Gave them both a shot and some pills. We are new at this and we are going to go under fast at this rate. Lost about 7 calves this winter and two weeks ago lost a calf to "Hay Belly", now this.....Can anyone help? Is there a book out there somewhere for Beginners that will help with raising Beef cattle? Thanks

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Foundering is what you do when you feed a cow too much grain. Floundering is fishing for flounder. I've done both! Cattle Today has several books for beginners. The link for the books is below.

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