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Feb 10, 2022
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NW Arkansas, W South Dakota
Is anyone else getting notices for threads they follow... and when you click on the alert ALL the notices are listed as though already looked at? Mine are all listed as "Mark unread" before I click on them.
should be cleared up.
This one counts?
Not sure I follow you. The issue is resolved.
Not sure I follow you. The issue is resolved.
Not resolved on my computer. In my notifications they all show up as "Mark UNread" as soon as I click on the notification and bring them up. They should be coming up as "Mark read" until I click on them to read them... or click on them to mark them as having been read. The below are examples. The only one I have clicked on to read... is yours.

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  4. Marie replied to the thread Forum glitches. There may be more posts after this.
Couple of ways of trying to resolve it @Travlr
  • Restart your computer
  • Clearing your browser cache
I'd recommend restarting the computer first.
I always shut off my computer every evening and restart every morning and it's still here this morning.

And it appears that I'm not alone if you read back. @CowboyRam and @Brute 23 have both left comments that seem to support the anomaly being on their equipment.

I could get used to using the site the way it is, but it's more difficult.
@Marie , I'm not a techy guy so maybe it bugs me more than most people when I get comfortable with the way something works and then it doesn't. I have to change gears and it's not easy. I just wonder if others are having the same issue and are being more patient, expecting the site to get back to regular.

In any case, thanks for the effort.
I'm glad it's solved, but if you will, start a new thread next time - so I can keep an eye out and document it with our hosting provider. I appreciate you letting us know, and allowing us the opportunity to make it right!


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