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Just wondered if you knew at how far along the fetal heartbeat should be detectable with a stethoscope?

I can find the heartbeat with no problem on one of my cows, she was AI'd in early June, and again in early July.

Another was AI'd almost 4 weeks ago, and the 3rd just this past Saturday. So I'm wondering at what it point it would be expected that the heartbeat could be detected.

Thanks for any help

Ann B

[email protected]
To be honest, I'd have to hit the textbooks to find out the exact date. I've never tried. Since I palpate pregnancies, I don't bother trying to hear a fetal heartbeat. I'll ultrasound an early pregnancy if I'm that worried, or feel the uterine artery's "thrill" at 5+ months (indicates calf was alive within last 7 days, likely still alive). Sorry I can't answer your question. V

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