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Calf is dying, been down on her side all day, try calling around for a good vet to see if we could get them to come to her, and belive it or not all the vets in this town and towns around here are close on Sat,and the only one on call was for small animals.My hubby has been with her all day trying to keep her cool, Thank you again for your help, We need someone like you around here. Is there anyway that you might be able to tell me what happen to her. we have had to feed her sents she was born on calf manna and she had been eating a little grain. she look good, then all at once she was down.

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Without a physical exam or post mortem, you will never know what happened. I am apalled that there were no vets on call for large animal. By law in Ontario, I must either provide emergency service for my clients or link with another vet to share on call.

Try to get a post mortem done on the calf (assuming it did die), then try to source a good vet who will actually examine and properly treat your animals. Sorry to not be able to help. V

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