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I went out and check her eyes they look ok to me they only move when she is looking at something, can see a very little white when she moves them. we got a little more milk down here a little while ago that makes a half a gal so far today and some water with electrolyte. I have a feeding tube but I have never used it. a little afraid to.we are in the center of Florida, don't know of a Vet college close by,

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U fla is in Gainesville; I went to a conference there when I was a student so I'm positive that there is a vet college there. Maybe not exactly central Fla, but not that far off in my mind.....ok, it's a bit north of central.....

If the eyes aren't moving, there is no definite brain lesion. I was asking about white INSIDE the eye, because that could indicate hypopyon (or a cataract, depending on position.) which is a sign of infection including BVD. Also, for some reason, my mind blew it when I said b12 works for thiamine deficiency.....b12 is cyanocobalamin and has nothing to do with thiamine....which is b1 or b6 or something....( I buy it as "thiamine" and I'm too tired to think straight right now)

Do you know how to check for hydration? I use the skin tent test, which involves pinching skin on the flank where it is loose and twisting. It should flatten immediately. If it remains in a fold for 1-2 sec we're 5-8% dehydrated.(oral electrolytes) If it remains in a twist for 2 seconds, we're over 12% dehydrated and need IV fluids to maintain life. If you're not sure, pinch but don't twist the skin of the upper eyelid and let go and see how long it takes....again immediate flattening is normal, 1 sec=5-8% 2sec=10-12%, >2 sec=IV fluids.... Personally I want a proper physical, with palpation, auscultation and diagnostics as necessary, not shotgun "this should work" therapy.

I've got to work tomorrow, so I'll be online to check messages at ~6am EST then later in the evening when I finish, so hopefully we can get things worked out. Good Luck V

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