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I took the calf to the Vet today,I am not to happy with him but he is all we have. all he did was give her two shots and give me two to give her one tomorrow and one the next day. he didn't exam her just gave her the shots and gave me the bill. one shot was NUFLOR 300MG AND THE OTHER ONE WAS VITAMIN B12 ABOUT 2 1/2 CC, today she is standing for hours not moving, if she moves she start to fall, so she stand real still.and now she is not eating good, it's like she has forgot how to suck the bottle.I want to thank you for your come back is there anything that you can think of that i can try???

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Ok, sorry to hear you have a slacker for a vet. Tell me about her eyes. Do they move or stay still if she is not moving. If they move, is it faster to one side? Is there white visible before the iris (coloured part?) Either of these are signs of brain lesions, possibly meningitis, and the nuflor is as good as anything for this I guess. Vitamin B12 is thiamine and treatment for polioencephalomalacia (check out for more info on this) You are not treating for coccidia which can cause nervous coccidiosis (again check google) or any of the heavy metal poisonings. The calf definitely needs to eat and drink, so may need to be tube fed (my preference is definitely to get calf to nurse, but we sometimes need to do other things...) Where do you live? Is there a vet college anywhere nearby that you can get info or send the calf? I'll check back here in a few hours so I'll try to help! Good Luck V

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