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I have a heifer with Footrot. I gave her two days of injections with oxytet antibiotic. She still is laying down a lot by herself and limping slightly (although it's improved).

I've had very few problems with Footrot previously so I'm not sure what to expect. About how long is a cow lame or limping with this. The swelling has gone down considerably. Should I continue the antibiotics? Is there something else I should be doing? Should I worry about her spreading it to my other heifers via the oozing puss? I really don't have one pasture that's dryer than another to move them to.

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There's a ton of information on the web about footrot, I just picked one at random and included the link. The article includes treatment and prevention/control so it should help. If you want more info, try as a search engine, put in footrot cattle as the query. Good Luck!

footrot in cattle

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