Foot Rot??

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Ellie May

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Jan 4, 2004
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Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
I have 2 goats that limp kinda on their back hooves. I picked their feet up & between their hooves is very stinky & light colored. I'm guesing it's the first stage to hoof rot. In one of my books it says to use Copper Sulfate or something like that, I asked a local farmer & they use a Bleach mix on their calves I've tried that. I clipped their hooves put it on burned the clippings. Since it is a bacterial infection is there anything else I should do? Any other suggestions?
Ellie May
It's called KOPPERTOX it's a antibacterial fungiside (spelling) it works great, you can get it at any feedstore or farmers co/op. Be sure to wear rubber gloves, if you get it on your hands it will stain your skin and clothes, It's really good stuff. A lot better than the bleach mix, it cost about 12.00 for a 16oz, bottle.

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