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May 30, 2013
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I feel like I am losing the battle with the flies on my cattle I have bought wind and rain tubs the blocks and used every kind of spray I can find and they are still covered. Any suggestions?
I'm there with you. Fly tags work great, but are pretty expensive and only last for a couple of months. We bought a Lewis Cattle Oiler this year, but so far the cows are not using it,so I'm a little disappointed because they are not cheap.
Well I am probably too new to listen too but a boy from Kansas named josh Roberts has me trying a soil amendment that the research from Australia on another product with less showed 60 percent reduction in flies and sure enough after spraying pasture twice it did reduce flies by a great deal. (The test is to see if 1 oz per gallon is the right mixture or 2 or... We were up to seven days to spray until I added molasses to an extra water trough with other items to experiment. They were still much lower than the cattle across the road which our helper sprayed. I then ordered mineral oil and cedar oil from Texas and worked well as the chemical spray appeared to irritate as heat increased. Now I also carry a sprayer with water and diatomasious earth mixture I can spray out the Kabota and will find out if this helps too. By the way diatomasious earth helps to kill internal paracites. It cost like 25.00 50 lb bag.

The soil amendment is organic and after research online I found that people were drinking because of the nutrients and trace minerals. The item is called fulvic and theirs is 28-30 percent and most online is 2-3 percent.

The product is really suppose to help hold moisture in the ground as grasses with higher water content is suppose to deter pests on grasses and help during drought. The test is for a year so will know more but certainly fly reduction was one proved at least here in northern Oklahoma

Flies hate the smell of fire and vinegar so added a trough with small amount of Apple cider vinegar and molasses. ( molasses was a big mistake as it appears to disrupt ph which I found on OSU study)

Hope this helps.