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Jan 9, 2022
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I'd appreciate any advice. In the past, I put out tubs with IGR in them, and then alternate pouring on a permethrine or abelmectin product. I only get 2-4 weeks of control when I do this. I was thinking of trying the CyLence Ultra ear tags. I have two questions:
a) does using CyLence ear tags seem like a good idea? a bad idea? a neutral idea? what?
b) I have a number tag and an RFID bangs tag in the left ear. I can put the CyLence ear tag in the right ear but that is where the Bangs tattoo is. Does this seem like a problem? Just go ahead and put the tag in?
Personal preference, geography, and management tend to dictate the effectiveness of any fly tags.

Tried them years ago and, in my experience, it was a waste of money. In heavy fly season, I don't know if there's anything that will last more than a couple of weeks.
Fly tags don't work here. Recommendation on those Cylence Ultra tags is two tags per animal. Bangs tattoo will probably be in the middle rib. Put the fly tag in the lower rib below the tattoo. On left, put it in lower rib - to the left or right of any tag that may be in that rib.
I used Cylence pour-on a few years ago and did not see any benefit. Ultra-boss pour-on works for a short while for me. IGR in the mineral seems to work best for me.
I've never used that kind of fly tag, but we usually feed a mineral with IGR and use fly tags too. Sometimes it seems like the tags work better than others. Seems like we've had better results with Y Tex Python Magnum tags. Last year we used Bayer Corothon tags and after about 2 weeks it was back to like it was before the tags. The Python Magnums seem to last longer but not as long as the product description. They are listed for 1 tag per head. The main gripe I have about them is the back piece of the tag is made with a crappy plastic tip that breaks easy and won't hardly go through the ear. I buy a back tag piece with a metal tip instead.
I've been using the tubs with garlic in them. It doesn't matter if your neighbor uses something or not as it makes your cows have a slight garlic smell that repels flies. You do need to give it a couple of weeks to get in the cows blood stream, so I normally put it out about 2weeks before fly season.
Your best fly deterrent, get rid of the damn black cows. Your black cows will always have 5x's more flies than white, red or gold cows.

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