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I tried them, they help. I decided I couldn't aford them. My cows consumed them like candy. If the neighbors don't use them, we still had fly problems. As for the expense, I must remember fly rubs and sprays, and pour-ons collectively cost money also. So the question, are the blocks really too expensive to use?

> What are your thoughts on using
> these fly blocks. Will they really
> work?

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We use the "Sweetlix #722" mineral/fly block with both cattle and horses along with free choice salt and protein tub. At our place one #722 will serve about 15 head for one month and does seem to help. We also use ear tags and do supplemental spraying on the cattle when they are given little alfalfa and/or are at the feeder. We use the "biological" Permethrin to spot spray the cattle with hand-held pump sprayer--esp. when flies are about 50+ on an animal. Had less success with backrubber--little ones "escaped" through it at the attachment ends. We have been paying about $13.50 each for the #722 blocks.

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