Flooding in the midwest

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Mar 15, 2009
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Greatest hope and Godspeed to all in the floodwaters path. I hope and pray all get through this as well as they can. :frowns:
Hope these folks get relief soon. Glad to hear that there have been so many volunteers that have gone to help with sandbagging and other needed services.
River has stopped rising. It's a combination of the heavy rains on frozen ground. And the cold weather in Canada has the Red River still frozen with ice dams. If the Red flowed South, wouldn't be near as big of a problem. The Red floods badly a couple times per decade. Always has and always will. Was a bad place to put a city. Many people from here are sandbagging. Lets hope for a dry week,
We have some flooding just to the west of us. Certain areas have already gotten 8 inches but we are only getting a drizzle.

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